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“I have had professional interaction with Dr. Woody Franklin over the past 20 years. My encounters with Dr. Woody have involved pups to senior pets, cats, dogs, birds and even a bunny. He is a vet that puts the animal first! Dr. Woody is a vet with a deep love and respect for all animals. He will answer your questions, give advice and provide sensible care. In all cases the decision is yours, but he will assist you in decision making process. His ability to provide the usual cares, emergency care or end of life care can be found at the Brookings Animal Clinic under the leadership of Dr. Woody.

My elderly dog Jake, a basset hound, was not going to recover from his stroke. With Dr. Woody’s guidance I made the decision to euthanize Jake. I remember the gentle words Dr. Woody spoke to Jake during the procedure. I remember Dr. Woody’s tender supportive hands as he assisted Jake to move from this world into a world beyond his limitations of his stroke. Dr. Woody had completed the procedure with professionalism and grace, but he was not finished. I remember feeling as if my knees weaken, my tears uncontrollable and my body limp. Dr. Woody had moved to
my side, not invasive, but just where I needed him to be. I remember the gentle words Dr. Woody spoke, not to Jake, but the words he was speaking to me. My best friend was gone, but my human friend was by my side. Thank you, Dr. Woody for the experience, I know I made the right decision for Jake.

I highly recommend the Brookings Animal Clinic for all your pets.

– Sally Damm

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Common preventive measures to keep your pet healthy include rabies, distemper, Lyme, kennel cough, and influenza, among others.