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When are you going to retire?

People have been asking me that question for some time now.  I tell them “Retire to what?”  Retirement activities should give you a feeling of being needed, some interest or something challenging, and companionship, among other things.  Retirement should give you a reason to get up in the morning.  All of these things I already have in this practice.  I love being needed by the animals, and they and their owners give me lots of companionship and laughter.  If you’ve ever been here when we have four or five daycare dogs, you’ll know what I mean.  Also, there’s nothing like a birth, and I’d miss that terribly if I retired.  Although the years have given me lots of experience that often benefits a quick diagnosis, I am also periodically presented with medical puzzles that are fascinating.

So, to answer that question, I’m not retiring.  But, I have decided to limit my hours a bit.  From now on, I’ll take Wednesday afternoon off at noon.  That’s retirement enough for me.

Dr. Woody

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Common preventive measures to keep your pet healthy include rabies, distemper, Lyme, kennel cough, and influenza, among others.